Shades of Blue author visits Kaslo

Author Waid Woodruff's new book is due out this November

Writing is a lonely pursuit, full of angst and self-absorbed self-doubt. So it’s always refreshing to have a chance to sit back and talk shop with a fellow author, share war stories, bounce ideas around, swap experiences (and the occasional lie).

It’s particularly fun to hang with visiting author Waid Woodruff (The Purple Hand), because I happen to be editing his latest installment in the Mike Montego Mysteries saga, Shades of Blue (editing someone else’s work is a nice break from cranking out your own stuff all the time). Waid and his lovely wife, Barbara, live in Brookings, just north of the California border on the southern Oregon coast. As is usually the case these days, he and I have been working together over the past months via email and the phone — it’s a whole different deal to be face-to-face across the table, a good reminder that technology’s cool, but the human thing still matters!

So today we’ll be discussing how to make scenes more visual, in Waid’s case, how to draw on his extensive experience to make the cop culture in Los Angeles in the early ‘Sixties that features so prominently in Shades of Blue really pop. We’ll be having that discussion while bobbing in a boat on 150-kilometer-long Kootenay Lake, chilled Oregon Reislings in hand, basking in this year’s spectacular Indian Summer sunshine.

Writing may be a lonely pursuit, but talking about it doesn’t have to be!

Waid & Barbara Woodruff on the dock at Kaslo Bay

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