Brits manning up

The manly, very, very British James May

Seems as though much of the vaguely civilized world (this may or may not include Russia, depends on your take on “Mad Vlad” Putin) is starting to realize it’s time for men to get up, dust themselves off, shake their heads and realize there’s more to being a man than either behaving like a complete asshole, or a spineless, boring twerp.

Enter Brit television guy, James May, whose BBC2 show, the Man Lab, is designed to both remind older men, and reveal to younger types, that being a man can be playful, fun, and, well, manly.

Simon Lewis of the Daily Mail has written a terrific article based on a visit with May at the latter’s warehouse workshop-cum-studio near Wimbledon — here’s how Lewis describes the setting:

We’re in a warehouse near Wimbledon, formerly used to build stages for rock concerts. Sparks fly noisily from an angle grinder in the corner, threatening to ignite the sawdust on the floor. A functioning train set shuttles drinks from the bar, winding between toys, tools, banjos, swords, soldering kits and half-eaten sandwiches. Propped up against the door is what appears to be a rocket bicycle…” (see above photo).

Cool, or what? Read the article, you’ll be glad you did. Check it out here.

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