“Men will be… what?”

Real men are becoming an endangered species. We’re not quite up there with spotted owls and white-headed woodpeckers yet, but we’re rapidly closing in. Don’t believe me? Think I’m an alarmist? And besides, what the hell is a “real man” anyway? Let me tackle the reasons why I’m pushing the gender panic button. For theContinue reading ““Men will be… what?””

Dare to be you!

The problem with many men is they grow up. “Grow up” in the sense they have somehow learned over the years that it’s not OK to let their hair down; that it’s verbotten to play, that it’s unseemly to let that inner little boy out to romp around, rip the knees of his jeans, andContinue reading “Dare to be you!”

Pissing off a woman isn’t always a bad thing…

American popular culture isn’t exactly brimming with examples of men behaving well. Or at least, men behaving as honorably and sensibly as possible (I almost wrote, under the circumstances here, but I agree with George Bernard Shaw, there are no “circumstances,” we simply create situations, then deal with them). Apparently (I have this second hand fromContinue reading “Pissing off a woman isn’t always a bad thing…”

Style Matters

For any of you who feel “style” has nothing to do with being a real man, I cordially invite you to visit the following alarming website: Men of WalMart. I realized, after writing chapters on subjects like courage, truth, and action, that no book intending to help men become better humans could ignore the subjectContinue reading “Style Matters”

Steve Jobs — a real man

He’s gone. Franklin. Edison. Ford. Jobs. In a hundred years, kids will learn about this guy in school, young adults will do their best to emulate his daring and style, to match his achievements, and old folks will read or listen or watch his 2005 commencement address to the graduating class at Stanford University andContinue reading “Steve Jobs — a real man”