Steve Jobs — a real man

Steve Jobs

He’s gone.

Franklin. Edison. Ford. Jobs. In a hundred years, kids will learn about this guy in school, young adults will do their best to emulate his daring and style, to match his achievements, and old folks will read or listen or watch his 2005 commencement address to the graduating class at Stanford University and think to themselves, yeah, this man was onto something, this man knew — and deeply felt — what he was talking about.

I am writing this on a now-old and somewhat battered MacBook Pro, while listening to a web “radio” station on iTunes. I have two other Macs and an iPod Touch.

But Jobs’ true impact on my life is and will remain his shared insights into the essential core of existence, of the need, as he put it, “to stare into the mirror every morning and ask yourself if what you’re about to embark upon this day is truly what you would choose to do if this were the last day or your life,” or something like that.

Sage advise from a real man.


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