An Apple a day…

Rotten to the e-core? Read the fine print.

“Imagine if Microsoft attempted to lay claim to anything you had written using MS Word. Or what if Adobe took you to court saying the images you created using Photoshop were their property? Companies have been hiding dirty little secrets in their End User License Agreements for years. They couch these nefarious deeds within the legalese, knowing full well that most users either (A) Don’t read EUlAs or (B) Wouldn’t understand the legalspeak to begin with.

“Well that’s exactly what Apple is doing with their new iBook Author publishing platform…”

Before rushing breathlessly off to create a new, blockbuster ebook using Apple’s recently released iBook Author publishing platform, it might be a good idea to hold-o, stop-o for a moment, and read this brief cautionary note penned by Jack Wallen in the January 23rd edition of TechRepublic:

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