To the mountains

So, I started working on a novel last year, called Dodge, based on the whacky premise that developers would come into this part of the world with plans to destroy astonishingly beautiful and environmentally crucial creeks and rivers for profit (theirs, of course), and, even whackier, to build a crazy-ass ski resort on a rapidlyContinue reading “To the mountains”

Let’s keep Jumbo wild!

Good grief. Here comes another display of astonishing political short-sightedness. In the face of overwhelming local opposition — including everyone from residents to regional businesses to the Ktunaxa First Nation — a government, this time the benighted, anti-science, anti-environment, anti-people (hmmm… who’s left, I wonder?) government of British Columbia, has decided to allow yet anotherContinue reading “Let’s keep Jumbo wild!”

Farewell Britannica (and good riddance!)

[Edit] After 244 years in print, the Britannica says farewell The Britannica‘s gone. And I say, “good riddance!” If ever there was a poster child for the changes being wrought by the web specifically, and digital technologies generally, the Britannica was it. Its final edition, published in 2010, includes 32 volumes and sells for aroundContinue reading “Farewell Britannica (and good riddance!)”

We’re all in this together…

A fascinating thing has happened since I sent out some early review copies (books and ebooks) of Man Up In Ten Lessons. Actually, several fascinating things have emerged since then, but the most fascinating thing has been the feedback I’ve received from women. It seems as though more women than men think about — andContinue reading “We’re all in this together…”

May the Force be with you…

If you’re closing in on 30 (or 40) and still have Luke Skywalker posters on your bedroom wall, it may well be time to Man Up I’ve gotten some interesting feedback lately. Specifically from a guy who feels I’m a self-important, self-absorbed egoist for having the temerity to make pronouncements on what constitutes a “realContinue reading “May the Force be with you…”

NASCAR — good clean fun, or the end of civilization as we know it?

Fancy hats are featured at Ascot & the Kentucky Derby. NASCAR race attendees typically display a bit more “imagination” (and remember: this man is someone’s son). Reader Eliza Frye poses the question, “What is up with NASCAR, Randy?” Excellent question, Eliza, what with the NASCAR season opening this Sunday at Daytona and all. First some basics. NASCARContinue reading “NASCAR — good clean fun, or the end of civilization as we know it?”

“It is with books as it is with men…”

Voltaire French philosopher and all-around smartypants Voltaire had a great deal to say about a lot of things. Including men and books. One of my favorite all-time t-shirts, given to me by a drunken Swedish publisher at the Gothenburg International Book Fair years ago, sported the following quote from M. Voltaire: “It is with books asContinue reading ““It is with books as it is with men…””