Paul Mitchell Mans Up!

Paul Mitchell gets on the Man Up bandwagon


In a world that sometimes seems to have rejected the notion that a man can look good (whatever that may mean) without being superficial, it’s nice to see that a company like Paul Mitchell disagrees (I know, I know — if not an outfit like Paul Mitchell, then who?).

Their new line takes the position that it’s possible to be both manly and stylish, urging men to Man Up with Mitch. I happen to agree that it is, in fact, possible to be a good guy and stylish at the same time (which is why Chapter Ten of my forthcoming book, Man Up in Ten Lessons is called Style).

I’m not saying that good hair makes for a good man. But surely it can’t hurt.

Anyway, for those of you out there who might feel you’re overdue for a decent haircut — or know someone who is badly in need of a little neck-up style help — here’s Paul Mitchell’s Man Up link:

Published by R.G. Morse

Author, editor, publisher, artist, songwriter, radio host, R.G. Morse lives and works in the spectacularly mountainous West Kootenay region of British Columbia.

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