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A fascinating thing has happened since I sent out some early review copies (books and ebooks) of Man Up In Ten Lessons. Actually, several fascinating things have emerged since then, but the most fascinating thing has been the feedback I’ve received from women. It seems as though more women than men think about — and are often worried about… men. Few of them seem concerned that a man might dare talk about subjects such as male courage and compassion, or even style and sex — they simply seem relieved that someone is talking about this stuff from a male point of view, and more than one woman has told me she intends to ensure a significant man in her life reads the book. Or else.

So I’ve made a momentous decision (well, perhaps momentous is a bit much, but a decision nonetheless): I’ve decided that, from here on in, most of my commentary on the state of being a man in the 21st century is going to be aimed at women. I’ll do my modest best to make up for all those tight-lipped, reticent, uncommunicative men in your life, the ones who never talk about their feelings, their hopes and fears, the guys who never chat with you about what makes them tick, the men whose behavior makes you wonder why you even bother.

Please don’t expect science here (but maybe a bit of pseudo science from time to time, just for the sheer fun of it). I’m simply going to draw upon my own considerable experience of being alive and male for several decades on several continents, and share my experiences, insights, and opinions with you, with as much wit, humor, and honesty as I’m able to muster. I know I don’t have to urge you to let me know how I’m doing. Or invite you to suggest topics of particular interest from time to time (as in, “why are men utterly unable to focus on more than one thing at a time?” or “what’s up with NASCAR?”). But consider yourself urged and invited anyway.

OK, so here’s my first salvo: men can be romantic. It just doesn’t come naturally to most of us, at least not as naturally as things such as watching sports on television or constantly checking our zippers even when we know they’re up. We just need to be nudged in the right direction. You know, like after listening to a Jack Johnson ballad, turn to your significant other and say something like “I’ll bet you a six-pack of Sam Adams you can’t write a love song like that for me!”

Here is an actual example of what may happen when you do this. And remember, it’s the thought that counts…


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