Northern Exposure, Kaslo-style


A wonderful new electronic magazine is coming soon to a tablet, mobile device, or computer near you!

A wonderful new electronic magazine is coming soon to a tablet, mobile device, or computer near you!


Back in the early 1990s, a fantastic TV series called Northern Exposure captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of folks around the world. Once a week viewers were transported to the mythical small town of Cicely, Alaska, a place where moose wandered down the main drag, a village populated by a compelling cast of characters who shared one thing in common: a desire to live on the very edge of civilization, as far away from the worries and stress of big city life as possible.

The popularity of Northern Exposure revealed a commonly-held longing among the Seekers among us — you know, the folks who love books like Lost Horizons and Treasure Island, people who ache for adventure, who pine to live in a place where they can find themselves, a place where they can both rediscover their place in the natural world, and enjoy the simple, meaningful things in life.

Well, there are places like that left in the world.

I’ve found one. It’s called Kaslo. And I’m happy to report, I live there.

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Rather than create a new TV series, I’ve decided to create an interactive, electronic magazine, an “e-mag” that does for Kaslo and its denizens what Northern Exposure did for the fictional town of Cicely and its inhabitants.

Once a month, for a measly $1.99 an issue (or $19.99 for a 12-month subscription), you’ll get a hit of what it’s like to live in a place like this, through lively articles, spectacular art & photography, outstanding original fiction & non-fiction, poetry, music, and video. All served up in a gorgeous, interactive package. You may never pull off the Big Move out of the urban/suburban rat race that is your current reality: but at least you’ll be able to do so vicariously, once a month, thanks to KASLO – The Nirvana Chronicles!

If you can carve 12 minutes out of your busy day, dim the lights, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, get comfy and enjoy these suitably dark and wintry — but ultimately uplifting — outtakes from Northern Exposure.

And for those of you interested in a subscription, or would like to have me send a festive Christmas e-gift card to someone you know would love one, just drop me a line, at

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