Brave Heart

A Boston Marathon official helps a runner thrown to the ground. Photo by John Tlumacki, Boston Globe
A Boston Marathon official helps a runner thrown to the ground by the first blast.                                                     Photo by John Tlumacki, Boston Globe

“Train hard, fight easy.”

Banner hanging in Special Air Services Mess, Chelsea Barracks

Yesterday’s events in Boston have yet again brought into sharp focus the issue of bravery. Why is it that some display near-instant courage in the face of challenge or danger, while others, well… do not? Is it possible to practice being courageous? Could it be that by focusing on overcoming the inner obstacles we all face on a daily basis — the challenges Steven Pressfield in the War of Art calls, quite simply, Resistance — we can in fact become courageous?

Here are some thoughts on the subject. While I’m specifically addressing men in this video, the thoughts obviously apply equally to women.

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