Radio Free Kaslo April 20, 2018

  On today’s show, Kaslo’s Lynn Van Deursen discusses life raising kids in Meadow Creek in the ’90s, her evolution as an actress, and her upcoming two-woman show (An Unconventional Life, with Noémi Kiss, accompanied by Judy Runions) at the Langham Theatre with Radio Free Kaslo host, Randy Morse. Enjoy!   About An Unconventional Life An UnconventionalContinue reading “Radio Free Kaslo April 20, 2018”

Radio Free Kaslo, April 13, 2018

New Denver-based author Sean Arthur Joyce joins host Randy Morse for a discussion about his forthcoming novel, the urban-rural divide, and the state of the arts in the Kootenays on this episode of Radio Free Kaslo. Enjoy!