Radio Free Kaslo August 10, 2018

Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival 2018 is in the books. Great music, great venue, great vendors, great volunteers — but is that everyone’s view?

Multi-day live music events are complicated. Especially “big” ones like Kaslo Jazz. On any given day the festival attracts three times the population of the tiny (pop. 1,000) village of Kaslo to its spectacular site in Kaslo Bay. On this episode of Radio Free Kaslo, host Randy Morse wanders through the festival grounds on the last day, asking audience members what they think — what do they like about the event, and what improvements might they suggest.

Must listening for anyone interested in music festivals generally — and Kaslo Jazz Etc. in particular. Enjoy!

Published by R.G. Morse

Author, editor, publisher, artist, songwriter, radio host, R.G. Morse lives and works in the spectacularly mountainous West Kootenay region of British Columbia.

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