Fantastic Duo at the Langham Theatre Tonight!!!

I don’t usually do this — but today’s an exception!

An incredible JUNO Award-winning duo, Big Little Lions, is appearing at the Langham Theatre TONIGHT. It’s amazing that our tiny, isolated village manages to attract world-class artists like BLL — I urge you to take in the show!!

Tix are $15, at Willow, Sunnyside, or at the door.


Here’s some background on the band:


Big Little Lions are the award winning band from Cincinnati, OH and BC, Canada born out of a collaboration that won them a JUNO Award in 2014. Ever since they have been cranking out infectious folk pop songs that are jam-packed with emotion along with tight harmonies that sound like the product of two people working closely and side-by-side instead of living in different countries.

“The conviviality and charm that are palpable in these 12 tunes sound like the product of two people working closely and side-by-side. But, then again, the natural pairing of Austin and Otten is an indication that distance is just a number, one that can’t hold back real musical camaraderie. Big Little Lions’ A Little Frayed, A Little Torn is a jubilant collection of folk-pop songcraft.”

After winning Ensemble of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards for their 2015 debut album they released their sophomore album, Just Keep Moving, which has garnered attention from many CBC and College radio stations as well as blogs and magazines. The album was nominated for two WCMA’s for Roots Group and Recording of the Year and two 2016 Canadian Folk Music Awards – Contemporary Album and Vocal Group of the Year.

“It’s the cohesiveness, too, of Frayed that buoys the album as one of the finest and most organic releases of 2015.”

Both of them are hugely prolific songwriters and between them they have had hundreds of TV, movie and ad placements. Their music has been on CBC Radio 2 Top 20 for many weeks and they are often featured on CBC radio shows including The Vinyl Cafe and Q.

“The duo’s sound mixes the new school folk of Mumford and Sons with a dance rhythm that keeps the music sounding light and upbeat. It also doesn’t hurt that their songs are very catchy and aided by how well Austin and Otten’s voices complement each other.” Examiner

Their live show is quite the spectacle with both Paul and Helen using every limb and then some to create a full band experience.

“The Way Home is one of those songs that you’ll think you’ve heard before the first time you hear it. It’s just so infectious that it sinks into your consciousness from the first listen.” Guitar World



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