Election Day Interviews

Participatory democracy doesn’t work when — that’s right — we fail to participate!


It’s challenging to find ways to allow candidates for public office in rural towns and districts like ours, in the absence of daily media, to effectively share their backgrounds, abilities, and views on things that matter to us all.


With that in mind, I’ve conducted a series of interviews with candidates for Kaslo mayor and council, as well as School District 8 trustee, then published the resultant podcasts on various podcasting platforms and, importantly, have put each of them on the Kaslo Community Facebook page over the past couple of weeks.


It’s important to note that I have not solicited any of these interviews. I simply mentioned a few times on Facebook that I would be happy to interview any and all local candidates who would like to sit down for a conversation, and repeated this in person when I occasionally met a candidate during the course of daily life.  The result is that one of the two mayoral candidates, 5 of the 6 council candidates, and one of the 2 SD 8 trustee candidates in the running this election reached out to me.  


With all that said, I’ve compiled podcast links here for all the interviews I’ve done, in the order they were published, by public office being sought. So if you missed one, some, or all of them, here they are — one-stop electoral shopping!




The poll for Kaslo mayor & council is at the Kaslo Legion, 8 AM to 8 PM.


Voting for School District 8 trustee happens at the Kaslo Legion, as well as at the Ainsworth, Argenta, and Lardeau community halls. 


Make your voice heard — vote this Saturday!



Kaslo Mayor


Suzan Hewat





Kaslo Council


Matt Brown





Jonathan Carruthers




Erika Bird





Maureen “Molly” Leathwood




Rob Lang





School District 8 Trustee


Dawn Lang


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