Radio Free Kaslo, April 26, 2019

On today’s RADIO FREE KASLO podcast, host Randy Morse chats with performance artist and musician, Devon More — about her experiences in Berlin, her art, and her music. Recorded live at the Langham Cultural Centre, first aired by Kootenay Co-op Radio on April 26, 2019.   Produced by Chris Cullen  

Fantastic Duo at the Langham Theatre Tonight!!!

I don’t usually do this — but today’s an exception! An incredible JUNO Award-winning duo, Big Little Lions, is appearing at the Langham Theatre TONIGHT. It’s amazing that our tiny, isolated village manages to attract world-class artists like BLL — I urge you to take in the show!! Tix are $15, at Willow, Sunnyside, orContinue reading “Fantastic Duo at the Langham Theatre Tonight!!!”

Radio Free Kaslo August 10, 2018

Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival 2018 is in the books. Great music, great venue, great vendors, great volunteers — but is that everyone’s view? Multi-day live music events are complicated. Especially “big” ones like Kaslo Jazz. On any given day the festival attracts three times the population of the tiny (pop. 1,000) village of Kaslo toContinue reading “Radio Free Kaslo August 10, 2018”

Radio Free Kaslo Canada Day 2018 Special!

Step aside Prairie Home Companion; thanks for the memories, Vinyl Café. Here comes the RADIO FREE KASLO SPECIAL, recorded live in the historic Langham Theatre (Kaslo, British Columbia) in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience! We’re talking literature, drama, and lots of music — all of it live — from one of the most charming, quirky,Continue reading “Radio Free Kaslo Canada Day 2018 Special!”

Radio Free Kaslo March 17, 2017

  On today’s show, I chat with North Kootenay Lake’s Master of Music, the Sultan of Song, David Stewart, about the impact the arts & cultural can — and do — have on the social and economic fabrics of small towns and rural regions like ours. Enjoy! Click here to listen to podcast.