Radio Free Kaslo

In an increasingly urbanized, hassled and harried world, there are a few places left out there where it’s possible to take a deep breath — literally and metaphorically. Places hidden away far from the madding crowd. Places where people smile and talk to one another on the street. Places with no big box stores, no fast food outlets, no parking lots or traffic jams or freeways. Places where nature and neighbourhoods merge. Places where philosophers drink coffee with fishermen, where hippies and loggers, prospectors and solicitors happily co-exist.

Places like Kaslo.

Welcome to the world of Radio Free Kaslo, a weekly Kootenay Co-op Radio program hosted by Randy Morse. Just click on any of the links below and enjoy podcast versions of this popular show, produced in the heart of Alpine Nirvana!


Radio Free Kaslo 2018 Podcasts


Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival 2018 is in the books. Great music, great venue, great vendors, great volunteers — but is that everyone’s view? Multi-day live music events are complicated. Especially “big” ones like Kaslo Jazz. On any given day the festival attracts three times the population of the tiny (pop. 1,000) village of Kaslo to its spectacular site in Kaslo Bay. On this episode of Radio Free Kaslo, host Randy Morse wanders through the festival grounds on the last day, asking audience members what they think — what do they like about the event, and what improvements might they suggest. Must listening for anyone interested in music festivals generally — and Kaslo Jazz Etc. in particular. Enjoy!


A Canada Day 2018 special edition of Radio Free Kaslo! Join host Randy Morse, live from the historic Langham Theatre in the tiny mountain village of Kaslo, British Columbia, for an hour and 20 minutes of wit, wisdom, and plenty of live music, featuring Diemm, Keith Liggett, Dominique Fraissard, Lynn van Deursen, Noémi Kiss, Joli Guthrie, Janet Mayfield, and a segment from “Over the Back Fence” in Lanesboro, Minnesota’s St. Mane Theater, hosted by Damon Prestemon. This is the kind of radio that made “Prairie Home Companion” and “Vinyl Café” such hits — live from the heart of Alpine Nirvana!



Host Randy Morse visits the Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival‘s HQ, and gets the inside scoop on this year’s upcoming festival (August 5—5), featuring Buffy Ste. Marie, Mavis Staples, Green Skies Bluegrass, and a host of other outstanding acts. For tix and volunteer info:



Host Randy Morse spins a whole lot of summer songs of today’s show!



On today’s show host Randy Morse visits visit a new web-centric enterprise on Kaslo’s Front Street, talks about all the upcoming events at the Langham Theatre, and plays some fine music!



Host Randy Morse goes on a tour of a most unusual off-the-grid home in the woods near Cooper Creek, past the north end of Kootenay Lake, with its proud owner, Nancy Ryde, and her builder + musical sidekick, Chandler Rogers.



On today’s show, host Randy Morse chats with P.J. & Grant McKenzie, owners of the fabulous Rosewood Restaurant, about life in Kaslo. He asks Kaslo Jazz Fest Executive Director Paul Hinrichs to spill the beans on this year’s “sleeper” act. Kuimba Choir founder & conductor Karen Behn talks about the group’s upcoming concert. And motivational speaker Brodie Whitney performs his first-ever rap! Funky public radio from the heart of British Columbia’s Alpine Nirvana!



Host Randy Morse chats with Dana Blouin about the new Kaslo-based adventure tourism business she and her husband, François are launching, and discusses the work of the Hospice Society of North Kootenay Lake with its Executive Director, Chelsea Van KoughnettEnjoy!



It’s all music! Featuring locals Red Eyed Soul, The Eisenhauers, and Tenise Marie, as well as artists who will be performing at this year’s Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival, including Carmanah, The Cave Singers, and Shakey Graves. Enjoy!



Kaslo’s Lynn van Deursen discusses life raising kids in Meadow Creek in the ’90s, her evolution as an actress, and her upcoming two-woman show (An Unconventional Life, with Noémi Kiss, accompanied by Judy Runions) at the Langham Theatre with Radio Free Kaslo host, Randy Morse. Enjoy!



New Denver-based author Sean Arthur Joyce joins host Randy Morse for a discussion about his forthcoming novel, the urban-rural divide, and the state of the arts in the Kootenays on this episode of Radio Free Kaslo. Enjoy!



Host Randy Morse stumbles upon three outstanding classical musicians rehearsing outside his office. The resultant conversation and live music make for perfect Good Friday listening. Enjoy!



Today’s show features host Randy Morse in conversation with Kaslo’s Margaret Ann Winn, and some tunes courtesy of Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, and Dave Brubeck. Enjoy!



A conversation with Mike Garbula, aka Pizza Mike, co-host of this year’s Kootenay Music Awards (tonight, Friday March 16, 8:30PM at Bloom Nightclub in Nelson).



A conversation with educator Meleana Terlingen. Enjoy!



Host Randy Morse discusses Kaslo’s Escape the City contest, love, and loss. And plays some cool tunes.

Just click on the link below, and enjoy.




On today’s Valentine-ish show I’m joined by Loran Scholarship winner Jes Tremblay, than chat about love with none other than Janet Mayfield (who happens to be the love of my life). I think you’re going to enjoy our conversations.



Teacher, musician, choral conductor, and cancer survivor Karen Behn joins host Randy Morse in a conversation about three epic journeys that have helped shape her resolve to live life as fully and completely as possible. Intriguing, inspirational listening onRadio Free Kaslo.



Host Randy Morse interviews JVH drama guru, Jill Holland, on the upcoming 20th Annual JVH Drama Comedy Review Dinner Theatre, Feb. 14 & 15. Nine one-act plays & a delicious dinner (including vegetarian choices) for $25, tix available at Sunnyside Naturals.



Host Randy Morse has a conversation with Jes Tremblay, an amazing young woman from Meadow Creek who makes significant contributions to her North Kootenay Lake communities, is a gifted writer, an outstanding student, and — we hope — is off to Toronto next week to secure a coveted $100,000 four-year scholarship to a major Canadian university of her choice, courtesy of the Loran Scholars Foundation. Enjoy!



Host Randy Morse has a conversation with 15-year-old student Tyler Hearne, of tiny, remote Cooper Creek, British Columbia. A fascinating chat with a really interesting young guy (featuring some rad tunes selected by Tyler!). Enjoy!



A new magazine hits the streets of Kaslo, avalanche danger is high, and Leila Neverland‘s coming to the Langham Theatre next week.

Plus music by The Weeknd, 54-40, The Unicorns, Leila Neverland, and Wolf Parade — enjoy!



A tour of The Angry Hen, Kaslo’s first craft brewery. Join host Randy Morse in a conversation with Angry Hen’s hard-working partners Shirley Warne, Frances Fry, Andy LeCouffe, and Manon Gangnoncheers!










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