Every life has a soundtrack…

Good writing, like a life well-lived, has a rhythm to it, an irresistible backbeat that makes you want to keep reading (or dancing, tapping your toes, singing in the shower — you know what I’m talking about).

Here’s where you’ll find my personal soundtrack. A sample of my weekly Kootenay Co-Op Radio show, Radio Free Kaslo, podcasts, some of my original songs, and the occasional piece of music I feel compelled to share with you. So listen up, and if you have some spectacular piece of audio you feel you simply must share with the benighted masses out there, email me the mpeg file along with your explanation of why you feel it’s worthy, and if it passes my (very personal) Morse Musical Code, I’ll put it up here, with a song in my heart and a skip to my step.

RG Morse introduces MAN UP

For those of who who enjoy listening as much as reading, here’s the author reading the introduction to MAN UPMan Up Introduction

And here’s a sample Radio Free Kaslo broadcast, featuring an interview with Wailin’ Jennys co-founder, Cara Luft.

Let’s get naked (in the Kootenays)…

I live in British Columbia’s spectacular West Kootenay region, on the shores of 150-kilometre-long Kootenay Lake, embraced by the soaring Purcell Mountains to the east, and the stunning Selkirks to the west. This is an area renowned for its natural beauty, its charming, turn-of-the-century Victorian villagers, its organic gardens — and its public nudity. From protesting Dukhobors to blissed-out hippies, the Kootenays in summer is definitely a clothing-optional sort of place. The kind of destination that has attracted people desperate to get away from it all for well over a hundred years. A tradition worthy of an anthem, I feel, its musical structure inspired by Taj Mahal’s Cakewalk Into Town. So relax, take off those scratchy clothes, and have a listen…

Let’s Get Naked In The Kootenays

Open landscapes…

There’s something about summer and the sea. Peace and contentment may ultimately be found within, but there’s no denying a bit of salt air, the sounds of surf on sand, a hot day, a cold beverage, and no one in sight (‘cept the old man and your dog) can send you to a mighty nice place indeed. Here’s my anthem to a summer’s escape to the seashore…

Open Landscapes 2

Africa bound…

I wrote this song on a napkin in a bar in Tanzania’s capital, Dar es Salaam. I’d flown in from Johannesburg, South Africa, and was impressed by the tremendous outpouring of public enthusiasm that greeted me, people lined up 10-deep along the streets, flags waving, bands playing — until I realized I had barely beaten then-president George W. Bush to the blistering tarmac. I had arrived, apparently, in the only place on the planet outside of Texas where people seemed to actually like the guy. Obviously I had to write a song…

Africa Bound 2


As I wrote somewhere in MAN UP, I’ve been in love many times, and finally realized once is enough. Here she is, the lovely Janet, in Nairobi (sticking with the African theme). One of the best pieces of advice I can offer to any man who’s in a truly loving relationship, is sit down and write her (or him) a love song. Try it. You don’t have to actually sing it (for many of you, that would spoil everything, right?). But the mere fact you did it, well, when was the last time someone wrote you a love song? Here’s my song for Jannie…

Janet (full mix)


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