For those who long for a better life…

  There’s not a lot of good news out there these days. From global economic woes to Middle East meltdown, it’s easy to reach the conclusion we’re all headed for hell in a handbasket. Ah, but wait a minute. Luckily, all is not gloom & doom. There’s plenty to celebrate in this life, too, fromContinue reading “For those who long for a better life…”

LIFE! 9 Lessons, 2 Points of View

There are three great mysteries in life: (1) What do women talk about when there are no men around? (2) What do men say to one another when there are no women in sight? (3) How on earth did George W. Bush win, not once, but twice? Applying the ancient Chinese/Tibetan practice of Feng ShuiContinue reading “LIFE! 9 Lessons, 2 Points of View”