Good Health — here’s to yours!

According to the ancient Tibetan/Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, health is at the center of, well, everything. Unfortunately, many of us behave as if we just don’t get this. I’m sure any of you who are health care professionals are nodding in resigned agreement. If health interests you and you’re ready for a chuckle orContinue reading “Good Health — here’s to yours!”

Let’s keep Jumbo wild!

Good grief. Here comes another display of astonishing political short-sightedness. In the face of overwhelming local opposition — including everyone from residents to regional businesses to the Ktunaxa First Nation — a government, this time the benighted, anti-science, anti-environment, anti-people (hmmm… who’s left, I wonder?) government of British Columbia, has decided to allow yet anotherContinue reading “Let’s keep Jumbo wild!”