For those who long for a better life…

  There’s not a lot of good news out there these days. From global economic woes to Middle East meltdown, it’s easy to reach the conclusion we’re all headed for hell in a handbasket. Ah, but wait a minute. Luckily, all is not gloom & doom. There’s plenty to celebrate in this life, too, fromContinue reading “For those who long for a better life…”

eBook fans rejoice, MAN UP has arrived!

For those of you who have made the Great Leap from the world of Gutenberg to the world of Jobs and now proudly tote around an iPad or a Kindle or a Nook wherever you go, glad cyber tidings! The eBook versions of MAN UP, for iPad, Kindle, and Nook are now available, for theContinue reading “eBook fans rejoice, MAN UP has arrived!”