Radio Free Kaslo, January 11, 2019

On today’s RADIO FREE KASLO podcast, host Randy Morse chats with solo artist & Spotted Owls bandmate Dom Fraissard, about Dom’s musical journey from Australia to Canada, and his upcoming concert at Kaslo’s historic Langham Theatre on January 18th. Featuring several of Dom’s haunting originals, including a live performance. Enjoy!      

Radio Free Kaslo October 5, 2018

On today’s Radio Free Kaslo podcast, host Randy Morse chats with Emma Cloney and Dale Brown of Winnipeg’s awesome folk band, The New Customs — recorded live in Kaslo’s historic Langham Theatre. Enjoy!           

Radio Free Kaslo September 28, 2018

On today’s show, host Randy Morse chats with the very funny Lucas Myers about his forthcoming (Sep. 28—30) show at the Langham Theatre — A Beginner’s Guide to Kaslovia! This is a conversation you won’t want to miss!

Radio Free Kaslo Canada Day 2018 Special!

Step aside Prairie Home Companion; thanks for the memories, Vinyl Café. Here comes the RADIO FREE KASLO SPECIAL, recorded live in the historic Langham Theatre (Kaslo, British Columbia) in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience! We’re talking literature, drama, and lots of music — all of it live — from one of the most charming, quirky,Continue reading “Radio Free Kaslo Canada Day 2018 Special!”

Radio Free Kaslo April 20, 2018

  On today’s show, Kaslo’s Lynn Van Deursen discusses life raising kids in Meadow Creek in the ’90s, her evolution as an actress, and her upcoming two-woman show (An Unconventional Life, with Noémi Kiss, accompanied by Judy Runions) at the Langham Theatre with Radio Free Kaslo host, Randy Morse. Enjoy!   About An Unconventional Life An UnconventionalContinue reading “Radio Free Kaslo April 20, 2018”

Good Health — here’s to yours!

According to the ancient Tibetan/Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, health is at the center of, well, everything. Unfortunately, many of us behave as if we just don’t get this. I’m sure any of you who are health care professionals are nodding in resigned agreement. If health interests you and you’re ready for a chuckle orContinue reading “Good Health — here’s to yours!”