On Courage & Faith

Some years ago I wrote a book, called Man Up. In it I detailed 10 essential elements for men wanting to live a satisfying life. Since then I’ve had lots of requests to write a sequel — this time with less detail and more punch. I hesitated. Like you, I’m busy. In my case, writing aContinue reading “On Courage & Faith”

Five Hot Tips on How to Be a Happier Guy

http://www.manupin10lessons.com Someone just sent me a video clip of Mitt Romney denying he has lobbyists associated with his campaign… Perhaps someone could send the link to this video to Mitt’s campaign — he might find it useful, especially the part about the importance of “truth.” For everyone else, here are a few tips based onContinue reading “Five Hot Tips on How to Be a Happier Guy”

It’s beginning to look a lot like….

OK, many of you have told me you’d like a copy or two of Man Up in time for Christmas this year.  Your wish is my command. To order physical books, just go to my publisher’s web store (click here). The price is $16.95 until the end of the year, then goes up to $19.95Continue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like….”

eBook fans rejoice, MAN UP has arrived!

For those of you who have made the Great Leap from the world of Gutenberg to the world of Jobs and now proudly tote around an iPad or a Kindle or a Nook wherever you go, glad cyber tidings! The eBook versions of MAN UP, for iPad, Kindle, and Nook are now available, for theContinue reading “eBook fans rejoice, MAN UP has arrived!”

ABC-TV Mans Up October 18th

Its all over television these days. From Old Spice spots to Miller Lite commercials, screenwriters are having a go at their version of what men have become in the 21st century — it ain’t pretty, but (they’re hoping) it’s pretty funny. Well, we shall see. Check out the inaugural episode of Man Up! on OctoberContinue reading “ABC-TV Mans Up October 18th”

New book cover

OK, so here’s the subtle new cover…. Have you noticed there is no “men’s section” in your local bookstore? What’s with that? I’m on a crusade to do something about it, and MAN UP is my first salvol! And for those of you who like multiple helpings of popular culture, check out this new ABC show, alsoContinue reading “New book cover”