Randy on Loki summit Sep. 2015



The Friends of Canadian Broadcasting gives out an annual $10,000 prize, the Dalton Camp Award, for essay writing on the theme of democracy and the media. This year’s recipient is R.G. Morse. Here’s a video clip featuring Morse’s acceptance talk from the Toronto award party (cinematography courtesy of author Aritha Van Herk), hosted by the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting’s Ian Morrison…


Welcome, cyber traveler, to the personal website of author, artist, broadcaster, songwriter, activist, public speakers, and all-’round raconteur, R.G. Morse. Visit often to check out Morse’s latest efforts (click on Morse Code) to inject a bit of wit and sanity into a world badly in need of both.

Like a good read? Then be sure to check out the Books section when you have a moment. You’ll find information about, as well as excerpts from Morse’s latest literary efforts. If you’re in the mood for some tunes, or perhaps some oral wisdom, simply click on Soundtrack, et voila. And for you video buffs, watch for a Morse Cinema area, coming to a theatre near you (well, actually, this theatre) soon.

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